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Refinance Calculator

For some, refinancing your mortgage can help save you money by lowering your interest rate on your monthly mortgage payments. For others, a refinance can be a good way of tapping into the equity of your home. Looking to refinance? Use this helpful calculator to see if refinancing is the right decision for you!

Refinance Calculator

See if you should refinance your mortgage. Enter the details of your current home loan along with details of a new loan to estimate your savings and see if refinancing is right for you!

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Sorry, refinancing will not save you money

Refinancing could save you:

{{ formatAsMoney(paymentCurr - paymentNew) }} /mo

With a new monthly payment of:

{{ formatAsMoney( paymentNew) }} /mo

Current {{ formatAsMoney(paymentCurr) }}
New {{ formatAsMoney(paymentNew) }}
Current Monthly Payment

{{ formatAsMoney(paymentCurr) }}

New Monthly Payment

{{ formatAsMoney(paymentNew) }}

Breakeven in
{{ breakEvenMos }} Months
Savings after 10 years
{{ formatAsMoney(savings10Years) }}
Savings after 20 years
{{ formatAsMoney(savings20Years) }}
Lifetime savings of new loanExtra lifetime cost of new loan
{{ formatAsMoney(Math.abs(lifetimeSavings)) }}

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